Saturday, December 13, 2014

Give a Child the Gift of Kindness This Holiday Season

Give a child the gift of kindness this holiday season with their own Tacky Box Set, and check off one – or more – names from your holiday shopping list. November 28 through December 20, buy the Silver Nautilus Award-winning, 32-page Margo’s (or Max’s) Magnificent Choice for $19.99 plus shipping and the Tacky Box ($9.99 retail) is free.

This is one gift sure to make an impression on the child’s life and those around them. The Tacky Box Set helps parents encourage a message of respect and goodness to children at an impressionable age, both words and deeds while the child has fun. Children need guidance in developing the ability to self-police acceptable and non-acceptable words and behaviors.

How it works:

STEP ONE: Cuddle up with your child and spend 10 minutes reading the story of Margo’s (or Max’s) Magnificent Choice

STEP TWO: Compare our world to the jungle and explain to your child that he or she will hear and see all kinds of tacky words and behavior. Encourage your child to proactively decide how to respond when the inevitable occurs. Will he or she choose to be tacky or be kind like the monkey in the story?

STEP THREE: After your child makes his or her own magnificent choice, give a high five just like the wise old owl and present your child with an authentic Tacky Box to decorate.

STEP FOUR: Display the decorated Tacky Box prominently in your home. Have your child use the tablet to write down any tacky words (or behavior) he or she uses or witnesses and lock the piece of paper in the Tacky Box. The act of writing down the word or action and placing it in the box symbolizes your child’s commitment to remove tacky words from the heart and mind.

STEP FIVE: Enjoy watching your child self-monitor words and behavior and set an example for others! And get ready for the ripple effect.

For Chris Kent Phelps, inventor of Tacky Box Set and co-author of Margo’s Magnificent Choice, Winner of the 2014 Silver Nautilus Award, the idea for Tacky Box was the result of an experience with her then five-year-old daughter. She and her mother, Cindy Kent, wrote the story to accompany the box, and Kent – a professional artist – illustrated it.

Phelps says, “Our children are exposed to many things beyond our control when they’re away from us, so it’s our responsibility to prepare them to handle the bad or tacky words and actions they will hear and see. As part of our ongoing mission to make the world a kinder place, we want to help parents arm their children with this fun educational tool. With the holiday offer, we hope it will allow more parents, family and friends to get the book and Tacky Box for each special child in their lives.”

According to The Children’s Book Review, Margo’s Magnificent Choice “…is a well-written story that teaches kids about the power of words and the impact of making good choices. When combined with a Tacky Box, the story makes a very effective and hands-on parenting tool and proves that learning about kindness can be very fun.”

Margo’s (or Max’s) Magnificent Choice is available for purchase at for $19.99 plus shipping. Each book ordered will come with a free authentic Tacky Box ($9.99 retail) and a notepad illustrated with monkeys to use for writing down tacky words and behavior.

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