Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nate Berkus' Top Tips For Holiday Decorating

Nate Berkus’ Top Tips For Holiday Decorating
In 2009, Nate’s top selling item during the holiday season was the Greek tray and 420-thread count sheet. 

 1.      I love using candles in every room of the house during the holidays.  They soften the space and add that extra bit of twinkle to your holiday decorations.    I’ve swapped out most of my wick candles with flameless ones.  Mine have a timer that allows them to turn on and off each day.  Plus, no worry about open flame when the house is filled with guests of every age. 

2.      Centerpieces tend to the first thing pushed aside when everyone sits down to their holiday meal.  Either they’re too tall or get in the way when the table starts filling up with platters and plates.  Consider a simple table runner in linen or burlap with plenty of cut pine that your plates can simply set on top of it.  This way, even if your centerpiece gets whisked away, the table still feels right for the holiday. 

3.      Most people put off wrapping their presents until the last minute.  Even I’m guilty of that.  But a few years back, I realized how elegant the holiday looks when you pick a paper and stick with it for everything.  I like craft paper.  It’s simple, classic and works well beyond the season. I have a stash of grosgrain ribbon in cream and chocolate brown that makes every package look perfect.  

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