Saturday, December 27, 2014

Party Proof Your Pad for New Years

Ring in the New Year without ringing out your home! 

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year, if not the biggest, but your house shouldn’t have to have a hangover the next day. 

For every host/hostess looking to throw the party of the year, but nervous about what festive revelers may do to furniture and pricey belongings, here are 5 easy and inexpensive ways from to help party proof your pad:

  1. Cover Your Couches—Couches can still look sleek and pretty while being protected from accidental spills or enthusiastic cheersing. Sure Fit, Inc’s Stretch Suede One Piece Slipcover looks chic, feels comfortable, and fits so snugly no one will ever it’s not the couch itself!

  1. Slipcover Your Seats—Protect pricey dining chairs with your choice of Sure Fit, Inc’s  Dining Chair Cloth Slip Covers , available in festive and seasonal covers, and add a pretty new color scheme to the room while saving your seats from stains!

  1. Protect Your Pieces— Move to a safer location (like your bedroom) expensive tchotchkes, picture frames, and any other prized items that you don’t want to be sweeping into the dustpan later in the night.

  1. Truss the Table—Whether its for your dining room table or an unsightly folding table, your bases are covered with Table Attire Table Covers by Sure Fit, Inc.  These contoured covers will save the table from scratches and spills, which adding a sleek look to the room.

  1. Get New Glassware—As much as you may love your friends, are you ready to trust them with your crystal?  Affordable glassware can be bought at surprisingly low costs, or even better, rented!    

Now enjoy a stress free evening as you count down the final minutes of 2010. Your guests AND house will thank you for it!  Happy New Year!  Ring in the New Year without ringing out your home!

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