Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Top workout tips for your busy holiday schedule!!!

The Holidays here with New Years closely behind, they are a time of joy and happiness. However, it is during this time that most people tend to forget about their workouts and do not have time to go to the gym.  Here are three easy tips that anyone can do anywhere and stay fit. It is a great cardio workout, and if done properly, it will keep you looking great during your busy holiday schedule!

Holiday Belly Dancing Tips:

Shimmy shoulders: Place your hand on the table while you are sitting down on onto a door or walk to start shimmy shoulders, make sure you bend your elbows. Bring your right shoulder forward, back to place bring your left shoulder forward and back to place. And slowly speed up the shimmy.  Bring your shoulders forward one at a time. Do not move your lower body (I suggest sitting down if your hips moves or holding a solid object). This move come to some people simply easy and to some can be more challenging. The idea is to RELAX your shoulders.

Shimmy Hips: Stand up with your feet about 8 inches or less apart. Toes directed straight forward.  Tummy tucked in and your torso lifted up.  Bend your knees slightly. And shift your hip side to side Right. Left. Right. Left. And slowly shift faster and faster until your reach shimmy. Have fun. Start each move slowly and try to FEEL your hip stretching your Glutes get tight and relax. Get in touch with your body.

Abs: Stand straight, tuck in your tummy and relax your shoulders. Lift your chest up and down and repeat.  Make sure you are only lifting your chest- do not lift your shoulders or elbows or move your lower body. Lift your chest up and hold and drop again repeatedly. You can also make it more challenging by lifting your chest to the upper left and upper right in a “V” shape.

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