Friday, January 9, 2015

57% of Women Think They Look Fat Nude


57% of Women Polled Think They Look Fat Naked;
Thighs Ranked as #1 Most Hated Body Part; Cleavage #1 Body Part To Flaunt Among Women However, 63% of Adults Admit to Walking Around their Home Naked 

It’s no wonder losing weight continues to dominate New Year’s resolutions—a new survey from FITNESS Magazine and Yahoo! Shine reveals that 57% of women polled think they look fat naked and 81% of adults have a body part they hate. The exclusive survey asked 1,500 women and men to bare it all about how they feel about being naked.

The survey revealed a lack of body confidence with women more likely than men to have issues with many parts of their body, primarily their thighs (21%), while men dislike their butts the most (11%).

Body Language
·         When looking in the mirror, 57% of women say they think they look fat, and wish they were more toned
        and less jiggly

48% of men think they look good when they glance in the mirror
Most Flaunted Body Part:
·         31% of women ranked cleavage as the body part they most like to flaunt

·         19% prefer to show off their butts

·         14% have legs they like to reveal in a miniskirt

Most Hated Body Part:
·         Overall, thighs are the most hated body part among women and men (14%) followed by arms and butt
        with 11% of the votes each 

·         Women are more likely to dislike their thighs (21%)

·         Men like their butt the least (11%)

Nude Attitude
·         Only 19% of adults say they would go to a nude beach at any time; 29% said they would only go at night
        and about 20% saying they would go if they lost weight
·         47% of women feel sexier wearing lingerie than being naked; 53% of men agree

·         Adults are more uninhibited at home.  Nearly 3 in 4 frequently have sex with the lights on (71%) and
        nearly 2 in 3 often walk around the house naked (63%). Men are also more likely to walk around the
        house without clothes on (67%) than women (59%)

·         27% of men walk around nude in the locker room, compared to only 9% of women.

·         20% of men have posed naked for a photo; 15% of women have

·         18% of men have “sexted” someone a naked photo, while 12% of women have hit send

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