Friday, January 2, 2015

Benefits of keeping a journal

Marlise Karlin who launched "The Stillness Journal", shares her five benefits for keeping a journal...

1. Reduces Stress: Journaling allows you to quiet the mind-chatter by
writing about your most personal thoughts and true feelings without
judgment.  It gives you an opportunity to analyze, release and resolve old
patterns, frustrations or concerns that are holding you back or causing you
stress and anxiety, and to look at issues from a different perspective.

2. Inspires Creativity: The physical act of writing occupies your left
brain which frees up your right brain to tap into creativity.  Your journal
is like an open canvas that inspires you to bring your thoughts, hopes and
dreams to life through words and illustration.

3. Clarifies Your Goals: Nothing can solidify your goals and aspirations
more than permanently writing them down on paper.  Setting an intention and
reviewing it consistently draws the energy and strength you need to stay on
the path to achieving them.

4. Brings You Peace: When you call upon and connect with that deep well of
inspiration that exists in your heart, you experience greater levels of
peace, love, compassion, confidence, wisdom and health in your life.

5. Encourages Reflection: Most people spend their entire lives looking for
answers outside themselves. By integrating time for journaling and
Stillness, you begin to look inside yourself and live from a higher level of
consciousness that aligns you with your personal truth.

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