Friday, January 30, 2015

Festive Cocktails for Sunday's Big Game!

Football season may be coming to a close, but female football fans know the best is yet to come – the teams are set, the sides are chosen, and the cocktails are made: it's almost time for the Big Game (party)!
Smirnoff Ice celebrates Ladies With Game, women who have the confidence to cheer on their team just as loudly as the guys. Whether you'll be enjoying next Sunday’s game tailgating at the stadium, at a party with friends, or even a quiet evening at home, these Game Day cocktails will give you something to cheer about.


Sweet Victory Sangria
·         2 cups Smirnoff Ice Screwdriver
·         2 cups pinot grigio
·         Fruit slices (optional)
·         Serves 3-4


Playoff Preparada
·         Smirnoff Ice Green Apple
·         Fresh chopped Fruit
·         Chili Lime Seasoning
·         Chamoy


The Pre-Pre-Gameday Shandy
·         1 bottle Smirnoff Ice Original
·         1 bottle Red Stripe


Moscow Mule
·         1 bottle Smirnoff Ice Moscow Mule
·         Limes



Go Team Bellini 
·         1 Bottle Smirnoff Ice Peach Bellini
·         Peaches


Screwdriver Sunrise
·         1 Bottle Smirnoff Ice Screwdriver
·         Cranberry Juice
·         Orange Slice​

Pink Lemonade and Smirnoff remind you to please drink responsibly.

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