Friday, January 30, 2015

Healthy Superbowl Recipes from the Flat Belly Diet for Men!

Football and unhealthy food often go hand in hand. Chips, dips, nachos, wings -- we all know that the best food for watching the big game is not necessarily the best food for our waistline. With the Superbowl approaching this weekend, we've got some recipes from Prevention's book, The Flat Belly Diet! for Men.

Every recipe in this book, written by Liz Vaccariello, Editor-in-Chief of Prevention, with Milton Stokes, MPH, RD, weighs in at less than 400 calories per serving and boasts a MUFA, or mono-unsaturated fatty acid, which have been proven to help shed belly fat (including the dangerous visceral fat that increases your risk for a number of serious health problems) and improve heart health.

Preparation time: 10 minutes / Cooking time: 16 minutes / Makes 4 servings

¼ cup olive oil (MUFA)
12 ounces boneless skinless chicken breast halves, thinly sliced
1 onion, thinly sliced
1 green bell pepper, thinly sliced
1 teaspoon dried oregano
¼ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
¼ teaspoon salt
2 ounces shredded 50% reduced fat sharp Cheddar cheese
1 (8-ounce) French baguette, split lengthwise

1. Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add the chicken and cook, stirring occasionally, 4 to 5 minutes, or until cooked through. Transfer to a plate and reserve. Return the skillet to the stove and heat the remaining 2 tablespoons oil. Add the onion, bell pepper, oregano, and red-pepper flakes. Cook, stirring occasionally, 8 to 9 minutes, or until the onions are golden. Stir in the garlic and cook 1 minute, or until starting to brown. Add the chicken, Worcestershire sauce, and salt. Cook 1 minute, or until hot. Remove from the heat and add in the cheese, stirring until melted.

2. Top the baguette with the chicken mixture. Cut into 4 portions and serve.

Preparation time: 10 minutes / Cooking time: 30 minutes / Makes 4 Servings

4 ounces wagon wheel pasta
¼ cup olive oil (MUFA)
2 onions, chopped
1 green bell pepper, chopped
1 red bell pepper, chopped
4 cloves garlic minced
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon dired oregano
1 (15-ounce) no-salt-added black beans, drained and rinsed
1 (15-ounce) can no-salt-added red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
1 (15-ounce) can fire-roasted diced tomatoes
½ cup water
½ ounce semisweet chocolate
¼ teaspoon salt

1. Bring pot of lightly salted water to a boil.  Add the pasta and cook according to package directions, then drain.

2. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a Dutch oven over medium-high heat.  Add the onions, bell peppers, and garlic.  Cook 6 to 7 minutes, stirring occasionally, until crisp-tender.  Stir in the chili powder, cumin, and oregano and cook 1 minute.  Add the black beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, and water.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer 30 minutes. Remove from the heat and add the chocolate and salt, stirring until the chocolate has melted.  Serve over the pasta.

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J Lew said...

Sounds yummy! I have never heard about this "diet". I have got to get it to try to make some things for my man.