Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Award Season Viewing Party Tips

Just because you’re not attending one of the highly coveted award shows this season, doesn’t mean you can’t grab your friends and host a fabulous party like a star.  Now that the holiday madness has settled, catch up with your friends by planning the perfect viewing party and watch to see if your favorite actor/actress takes home an award. 

1.       Don’t be afraid to start off by sending your guests a distinctively designed invitation.  When is the last time you received a fun evite? Create an evite with an award show theme and encourage guests to dress like their favorite movie character or bring along an appetizer inspired by their favorite nominated movie. 

2.       Roll out your own red carpet.   Grab some red fabric from your local store and place it up the stairs to your home or in the hallway when you walk in.  It will make guests automatically feel like a star when they arrive. 

3.       Save yourself the hassle of making cocktails and have both a red and white wine on hand that appeals to all palates.  

For the white lovers, we suggest the recently launched Sterling Vintners Collection Aromatic White.   This wine is full of intense fruit and floral aromas that create texture and depth when enjoyed.  SRP: $11.00

And for the red lovers, we suggest Sterling Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is smooth and elegant.  Velvety, plush and round, the palate delivers style and sophistication with enjoyable, rewarding accessibility. SRP: $24.00

4.       Have some fun with your bar setup and dress up each wine bottle inspired by an actual award.  Use gold foil, tissue paper or spray paint to decorate each bottle for an instant touch of glamour.  And for an additional touch of elegance, rim each flute glass with edible gold glitter stars or sparkles.

5.       Sterling Vineyards, Music Expert and PR Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City Zooey Jones suggests creating a playlist of past Grammy winners and songs to play during commercial breaks.  Have each guest write down their guess of the artist and song title and the person with the most correct at the end of each award show gets to take home a bottle of prize. 

There are so many options when it comes to hosting an amazing viewing party and these are just a few ideas to help get you started.

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