Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spoil Your Spouse

So y'all already know that I'm super-duper obsessed with The Dating Divas, right?
Don't you just love those gals? Their ideas are just the best, and their printables are to die for! Most of the time, they offer gorgeous freebies on their crazy creative posts.
Buuuut...once in a while, they put together a spectacular DOOZY of a product that they charge just a few dollars for. {It would be CRAZY not to!} The products are simply BEAUTIFUL - each one they have done is honestly perfect! They think of everything! Their paid products are to-die-for, and total steals as is!

So I was cruising their website the other day { per usual}, when I came across THIS!

Okay. It's official. All of my wildest dreams have come true.
I totally love the idea of "Spoiling Your Spouse All Year Long"! Isn't that so cute?! They cover all of the major holidays with these gorgeous printable packs, all in one bundle! Print and done...for the whole year! Lifesaver!
I have been wanting EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE printable packs for what feels like forever!
I've just been waiting for that one sale to come along. You know the one I'm talking about...the one just too good to miss out on!
It has arrived! I'm talking over 70% off, people! YES!
But HURRY. The deal only lasts ONE WEEK! {AH!}
This one-of-a-kind deal includes:
Anniversary Pack = regularly $14.97
Birthday Card Pack = regularly $4.97
V-Day Pack = regularly $14.97
Father’s Day Kit = regularly $14.97
Mother’s Day = regularly $14.97
Christmas Countdown for Spouse = regularly $5.97.
Over $70 Value, Just $19.97!
YEP! $19.97! Crazy, right?! I couldn't believe it either! If you've been wanting any of these, now is the time to snatch them all up! This is a killer sale!
Let me tell a bit about how AWESOME each product is:
1) The Anniversary Pack:

I have been totally coveting this printable anniversary pack for sooo long! I mean, come on...look how cute it is!

 There is soo much included in this amazing pack:
• Anniversary Photo Sign Set 
• Anniversary Journal Binder 
• Choose Your Own Anniversary Binder 
• Anniversary Love Note Set  
• 10 Reasons "I'm Glad I Married You"  
• Anniversary Dinner Printable Set 
• Frame-able Anniversary Art 
• Gift Tag Anniversary Countdown  
• Matching T-Shirt Designs 
• Cute Anniversary Cards

Soo cute, right? Gosh! Don't you love the matching t-shirt designs, too?! Ha! Clever!

2) The Birthday Card Pack:
Talk about no-brainer!
For waaaay less than the price of ONE store bought card, you can get TEN!

Need I say more?!
Okay, okay...I will say a little more. Look at this DIY Confetti card included in the pack! Isn't is just the cutest thing you've ever seen? Could you imagine giving this to your hubs?! Ha! Mine would go nuts!

There are ten totally fun and manly birthday cards in this pack. It's awesome! Can't wait for them to be aaalllll mine! Print, fold, personalize, done!
3) THE V-Day Pack:
Every single one of them is filled to the absolute brim with picture-perfect Valentine's ideas. Gosh! I would pay the $19.97 just for THIS!

Amazing, right? It also includes:

  • Kid Party Packs

  • Printable Valentine's for the kids

  • Valentine date ideas - planned and done for you!

  • V-Day decor galore!

  • Gift Ideas

  • and MORE!
4) A Father's Day Party Pack:
 Make it the best Father's Day ever! This modern-and-manly kit makes it a SNAP to spoil that man in your life rotten on his special day!

This totally darling {okay, don't tell your hubs its "darling"} pack includes:
  • Four Amazing Father’s Day Cards
  • Clever Room Service Kit – Includes a door hanger, blank menu for you to fill out, tags, flags {for straws/picks}, & food cards.
  • Printable Ties - you know you just have to! Even includes black and white ones for the kiddos to color and decorate!
  • Printable “Dad” Glasses -A hilarious photo prop you can hand the DAD of the house right before pictures!
  • Mustache “Happy Father's Day” Banner – Print, cut, string on ribbon, and hang to brighten up the home for this holiday! It even has printable TIES you can put in between words!
5) A Mother's Day Party Pack:
Can't forget about mama, now, can we?
This incredible Mother's Day pack makes pre-prep work a total breeze!

Personally, I think I'd kind of die if I saw my house decorated with this
gorgeous decor! 37 pages of perfection!
This done-for-you celebration pack includes:
  • Clever Room Service Kit - Includes a door hanger, blank menu for you to fill out, tags, flags {for straws/picks}, & food cards.
  • Coupon Book – This includes “Mommy & Me” coupons with fun activities to do with Mom, Mommy service coupons with acts of kindness to do for Mom, and blank Mommy Coupons for you to personalize with your own ideas or leave them blank and let Mom fill them in with whatever her heart desires!
  • Printable Flower Bouquet – Print, cut, layer, and add in Hershey Kisses… and you have a flower bouquet that won’t wilt!
6) Spouse Christmas Countdown
Who says it's too early to start planning? NOT I!

These were a total HIT this past Christmas...and for good reason! This countdown is FLAT OUT AMAZING! Each day features a different activity, just for you two! {Which...I totally adore. Spouses sometimes get the boring end of the festivities, am I right?!} And don't worry - they leave lots of open advent spaces and quick and easy ideas - it's totally customizable to your crazy holiday season!
So...can you seriously BELIEVE that all of this is only $19.97?!
I'm practically drooling over here!
But have only ONE WEEK!
So spoil your spouse all year long! Make 2015 the best year yet!

Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate for the Dating Divas - I earn a commission on purchases you make through the above links - thank you for supporting Pink Lemonade!!

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