Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Secrets to Getting Behind the Velvet Rope

While scoring VIP treatment and getting behind the red rope seems reserved for celebrities and socialites, Picksie, the newest location based discovery service app, has some tips for scoring VIP treatment, even If you haven’t won an Oscar or have been photographed partying with famous A-listers.   

1)      Become a member of key cultural institutions. Membership can provide you access to special VIP events not open to the average consumer.  Many cultural institutions provide their members with special benefits and the cost of membership is not usually much more than a night out at a nice restaurant.  Make sure to read the membership entitlements closely so that you purchase a membership that provides you with the VIP access you‘re looking for.

2)      Avoid Minimums When Booking Small Groups. When booking a small get-together at a lounge, hotel bar, or other social venue, keep your party under their “minimum” number of guests that catapults your intimate get together into a “special event.” This can lead to having to buy a bottle minimum which can ultimately come out as pricier than being allowed to order individual drinks for the small group. The service will be as just as good as if you were a “high-rolling VIP” and your friends won’t be limited to drinking one type of liquor all night.

3)      Shop Like a VIP by Getting in The Know. When shopping at boutiques or high-end stores, take note of the shopping associate who helps you and ask for that associate each time you shop at that particular store. In developing loyalty to the associate they will often alert you to upcoming sales and special VIP events. You’ll have the opportunity to preview sales before the general public and enjoy VIP access to your favorite brands.

4)      Making Entrance to a Top Nightspot Go Smoothly. At nightclubs and elite lounges, call ahead to make a reservation.  Often even the most velvet roped venues will take reservations in advance.  It is always better than trying to negotiate things at the door where no matter what you offer the door person may turn you away. It means planning in advance, but it can make the arrival infinitely smoother.

5)      Sign up for 1 or 2 key membership reward programs. Look for reward programs that extend across a variety of platforms – be it hotels, airfare, and other amenities. See which ones have the most partners and provide the easiest milestones to achieve.  These programs can allow access to the elite lounge at the airport, upgrades to nicer hotel rooms, or be bumped to fly Business Class.  Pick a program(s) that makes sense for your needs and then stick to it when you travel…and it will pay off.

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