Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A New Kind of Sports Drink that Mom's can Agree On

You or your kiddo have an awesome workout and you're thirsty... really, really, thirsty.... what do you reach for??  More than likely, it's one of your standard "...ade" drinks - which, in reality, is just a non-carbonated soda with a few "extras" thrown in.  Sure, it re-hydrates you and helps you recover from your workout more quickly - but is it the best thing you can do for your body??

There's a new alternative - one that's superior to the sports drinks of the past - naturally sweetened, and good for you!!  Body Armor is a new "Super-Drink" - it's Super because.....

It provides superior hydration - it's coconut water based so it gives your body all the great benefits of the coconut.  It's naturally sweetened.  Provides 600mg of Potassium, contains 200% of the your daily vitamin B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12 plus it contains 100% of your daily vitamins A, C and E.  Body Armor contains NO caffiene or preservatives, it's Gluten and Nut Free and is Certified Kosher.  A 16oz bottle only has 140 calories, 0g fat and only 15g of sodium!

I have a kiddo who is a competitive gymnast, so the good folks at Body Armor asked me to check out their new sports drink to see how she and I liked it.  We received a good assortment of flavors and my kiddo couldn't wait to try them out!  She's super, super picky and didn't care for what she perceived as an "aftertaste" so I brought the rest of the bottles to her gymnastics workout and asked the other competitive girls to try the drinks out - they LOVED them!!  They said they tasted really great and downed them quickly without one complaint!

So overall, I have to give this product a thumbs-up - while my uber-picky kiddo didn't care for them (it didn't surprise me as she doesn't like much of anything) - the rest of the girls thought they were great and actually asked if the gym could carry them in the snack area.

As a mom, I really like this product because it's all natural and lower in sugars than most sports drinks - I also really like that it's coconut water based because I've read so many things about how great coconuts are for your health.

For more information about Body Armor, visit:

On the DrinkBodyArmor website, you'll also find some great tips for parents about the importance of hydration and advice on raising your young athletes

·       BODYARMOR is available at the following retailers:

o   New York Metro/Suburbs: Target, King Kullen, Fresh Direct and Food Emporium
o   Boston: Target, Shaw's, Market Basket, Wegmans, Roche Bros., Alltown, Tedeschi's 
o   DC/Baltimore: Target, Wegmans, Mars, Royal Farms
o   Philly: Target, Wegmans, Wawa, Sunoco A Plus, Heritage
o   Atlanta: Target and Publix
o   Detroit: Meijer and Target
o   LA: Ralph's, Target, Stater Bros and Alberton's
o   SF: Raley's, Target, Lucky's
o   Seattle: Target, Fred Meyer, Albertsons
o   Cinci: Target and Meijer
o   Cleveland: Giant Eagle

You can also find a COUPON on their facebook page!

Disclosure:  I was compensated by Body Armor in exchange for this review.  The opinions are all my own and in no way swayed by the fact that I was compensated.

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