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Birth Plan eBook - Celebrity Loved and Expert Approved

Birth Plan eBook - Celebrity Loved and Expert Approved

Now Available for Free Download!

After three years of research, collaboration with more than 100 childbirth experts and resource centers from Healthy Child Healthy World to the American Association of Nonatal Nurses, the Best Ever Baby Birth Plan Guide by Kim Walls, M.S. is now available for free download.

This new resource for pregnant families is a compilation of top tips and advice from 16 nationally recognized experts in the field including renowned pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene and the Graceful Birth Center  founder, midwife Elizabeth Bachner.  These trusted experts offer thoughtful guidance for whatever type of birthing experience parents want, in whichever setting they choose, and support the growing trend of natural birth among expecting families.

How does all this birth and baby planning advice stack up?  As noted by Hollywood Celeb Autumn Reeser (The Girl Next Door, Hawaii Five-O and the O.C.), who had a home birth with Bachner, "We did a ton of research to prepare for our baby.  The Best Ever Baby Birth Plan Guide is totally that... the best!  Every family wanting to learn more about how to plan their birth experience - wherever they choose to deliver - should definitely check it out."  Natural birth protocols like the Best Ever Baby Birth Plan and Hospital Bag Guide were embraced by many celebrities in 2014 including Alicia Keys, Alyssa Milano and Mila Kunis.

In 2015, look for the Best Ever natural birth stories of Jessica Biel and Emily Deschanel.  Preparing for birth is important!  The Best Ever Birth Plan and Hospital Bag Guide is designed to help expecting parents set expectations of themselves, their partners, their birth professionals and facilities to achieve a positive birth experience.  Loaded with reliable natural health solutions and contributions from leading pregnancy professionals, readers will find no - nonsense, evidence - based expert advice and natural product options for labor, delivery, postpartum and the first months after baby is born.

In this guide, parents learn how to make their own best ever birth plan, tailored to their own values and what to pack in their birthing center or hospital bag for authentically engaged and collaborative care.  Some specific topics covered in the Best Ever Birth Plan Guide include:

  • Essential Paperwork
  • Mom's Personal Comfort
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • New Baby and Sibling Care
  • Partner Role and Needs
  • Life Beyond
  • -- and more--

Here is what birth experts are saying about the Best Ever Baby Birth Plan Guide, by Kim Walls:

“This  book  should  be  available  in  every  hospital  and  birthing  center  in  the  country!  
New  parents  can  be  overwhelmed  in  the  search  for  information  from  resources  they  
can  trust.  The  Best  Ever  Baby  Guide  provides  valuable  tips  and  important  product  
knowledge  from  renowned  experts.  A  must  have  for  every  new  parent  who  truly  
cares  about  their  families’  health  and  well-­‐being.”  
Jill  Campbell, Psy.D.  ,  Staff  psychologist  at  The  Pump  Station  and  Nurtury™

“Finally  new  parents  have  a  trusted  Guide  to  help  them  maneuver  the  lists  and  lists  
of  products  that  they  will  buy,  in  a  way  that  will  keep  their  babies’  bodies  and  
environments  as  pure  and  chemical  free  as  possible.  What  a  great  resource  for  new  
Jesse  Zilberstein,  IBCLC  at  The  Pump  Station  and  Nurtury™

“Wow.  Best  Ever  Baby  is  a  welcome  change.  I  hope  every  hospital  and  birthing  center  
is  moving  to  supply  more  conscious  information  and  products  to  new  families.”  
Rachel  Sarnoff,
Download  the  Guide  here:  

Hospital  +  Birthing  Center  Guide:  
Evidence-­‐Based  Birth  Choices  +  Baby  Planning by  Kim  Walls
About  Kim  Walls:    
Kim  Walls  is  the  mother  of  two  young  boys,  the  Founder  of  Babytime! by  Episencial®  and  
Founder/Chief  Collaborator  of  Best  Ever  Baby.  Named  one  of  the  "9  Wonder  Women  of  the  
Natural  Industry",  Kim  is  a  nationally  recognized  natural  products  expert  for  child  health  
advocacy  groups  and  national  media.  Her  work  has  been  featured  in  publications  including  
Real  Simple,  Fit  Pregnancy,  Huffington  Post,  and  on-­‐air  by  the  CBS  Early  Show  and  Good  Morning  America.
About  Best  Ever  Baby:  
Best  Ever  Baby  is  the  place  to  find  a  community  of  trusted,  naturally-­‐minded  experts,  
brands  and  advisors  who  offer  tools  and  resources  to  support  new  parents  in  the  hospital  
setting.  We  want  every  mom  to  walk  into  her  birth  wholly  confident  that  she  has  the  
information  she  needs  to  make  the  choices  that  are  best  for  her  and  her  family.  Visit 

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