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Loved Ones Sabotage Diets

Survey Reveals Dieters Worst Enemies are Family and Friends

Many say loved ones sabotage their diet and pressure them to eat bad foods

It might be easier to lose weight these days if you live alone in a cave with no spouse, family, friends or colleagues. Just ask local dieters and boy will you hear stories.  In a recent national survey, women said their worst enemies, when fighting the diet war, are the people they are closest to and love the most – their spouses, family and friends. 66% of women who have dieted or are dieting say they have felt family and friends don’t respect their attempts to lose weight and some have even tried to sabotage their diets.

Who didn’t respect their diets?  60% say their husbands or significant others. 55% say their friends. 52% say their relatives.  44% say their colleagues.  Reasons participants felt family/friends did not respect their diets? 23% say because of competition, that people around them didn’t want them to look better.  34% say the people around them are either jealous or insecure of their dieting efforts. 

The survey of more than 300 women ages 25 -55 who have dieted or are dieting was commissioned by Medi- Weightloss Clinics, the largest and fastest growing national franchise of doctor supervised weight loss centers.

Diet Sabotage: 
Dieters say colleagues, friends and family members:
• Pressured them to eat foods not on their diet. (53%)
• Cooked and served food not on their diet. (40%)
• Made jokes about their diet (35%)
• Ordered them food at restaurants they knew were not on their diet. (31%)

Dieters say they felt pressure to break their diet because:
• They didn’t want to insult the host (boss, client, family member, etc..) (56%)
• They want to eat like everyone else, be part of the crowd (51%)
• They didn’t want to call attention to their diet or weight. (41%)

Muriel’s Story

Muriel Watson is a 38-year-old recently separated mother of three who says her own husband constantly sabotaged her diet.  “Dieting was impossible. Absolute torture, especially living with my husband”, says Muriel. “I had to come home and cook for my husband and kids.  Or if my husband cooked, he would make foods he knew I couldn’t eat and put them in front of me.  He was my worst enemy when it came to my diet. ”

In desperation, Muriel visited Medi-Weightloss Clinics where she now has weekly consults with a doctor who advises her on every step of her weight loss journey including eating, exercise and lifestyle change.  Six months into the program, Muriel has lost 73 pounds, going from 309 to 236 pounds.  She’s stronger than ever, committed to losing 50 more pounds.
“I feel better than ever about myself. This diet is saving my life but the weight loss journey is ending my marriage, “she says. “I know my husband is jealous and we will divorce.  He can’t live with the new, confident me.”

Diet Coaches Counter Diet Sabotage

“Diet sabotage may not always be mean spirited, but it’s very real and we see it all the time”, says Dr. Sejal Shah, head nutritionist at Medi-Weightloss clinics. “Dieters often battle family members and friends to maintain their weight loss and that’s why they need a diet coach, an unbiased medical professional to help them through every step of the weight loss journey.” Shah adds,“We study the patient’s medical and family history, treating weight loss like a medical condition.  We also help them through the psychology of weight loss because people need help to fight the demons working against them and often those demons - whether mean spirited or not - are the people closest to them. ”
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