Friday, March 27, 2015

Springtime Cleaning Can Save You Money

by Stephanie Nelson,
Spring is upon us, setting off bursts of energy for those ready to do some heavy duty cleaning without spending a lot of money.  
These are the three basic spring clean modes to get you started:

 De-clutter - get rid of the excess,  things you are no longer using, and things not in operable condition.

 Clean - give your home a “fresh” start. 

 Organize - organize your home to make it the most useful way to live your life.

Here are some tips to save you money while cleaning out your cluttered home:

De-Clutter -

1. Take advantage of  items you don't use - take your clothes to a local consignment shop, take your books to a used bookstore to get credit for new selections or have a garage sale.   Having less stuff means there's less to keep clean and organized.

2. Another way to make some money from items you plan to get rid of might include going to internet sites and putting them up for sell.

3. Upcycle. While you’re diving headfirst into closets and storage spaces, think about what could be reused before you add them to your “donate” or “toss” piles.  Could an old dresser be used in the garage or attic for storage? 

4.  Donate your clutter to Goodwill or a local charity and help others, be sure to get the tax credit receipt for next year's taxes.

Clean -

1.  Be a savvy shopper. If you decide to go with store-bought cleaners, stick to what’s worked well in the past.  Multipurpose cleaners abound and they really do work for multiple tasks, so just buy one.

2. Buy cleaning products on sale with coupons: over half of grocery coupons are for non-food items like household cleaning products, so it's easy to save

3. Make your own cleaners. The most expensive part of spring cleaning is usually the cleaning products themselves. But you can save a bundle of cash by skipping the store and making your own cleaners using common household items! 

4. Spring Clean Your Appliances - including refrigerator coils, fridge, dishwasher, stove and microwave.  They will run more efficiently and save money!

1. Evaluate one room at a time- organizing the entire house will overwhelm you.  Tackle the one room that causes you the most frustration first.

2.Your top priority is to make a place for everything you own. No matter how well you think you’ve catalogued your clutter, it will cause you to lose things — and that means you waste money replacing them when you duplicate them.

3. Organizing your closet is a great way to rediscover clothes, shoes and accessories you’ve forgotten about. Create some new combinations and wear clothes that have been hiding.  You don’t have to use all of the expensive organizational tools and storage bins. 

5. Garage - Just like a clean house, a clean garage can end up saving you a lot of money. The most obvious benefit is that you can place your car in it,so it doesn’t lose value to the outside elements. It also makes it possible to find things when you need them and discourages rodents.

Now for the hard part - Improving your habits. After you've decluttered, cleaned, organized,and even made a few bucks, don’t wait for the debris to start gathering again.  Keep your home clean, everything will run much more smoothly, and you’ll save money.

Stephanie Nelson is the founder of the web site,, which has 6.5 million members, and she is established as the nation’s top expert in couponing across the country. Stephanie has been on every major national television talk show and taught millions how to save money for the past 11 years. She has been called ‘”the rock star of the recession” by the Washington Post and her book, The Coupon Mom’s Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half, is a New York Times best seller.

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