Monday, March 30, 2015

The Sensation of Europe Strikes Again!

Lola Montez, Changes Europe and History with Cosmopolitan Panache.

"Whip Smart is a sexy, adventurous and intelligent tale that I would dare name a bodice ripper for the literary mind!"
-- Marisa Lancione, NOW, Montreal

"A fun and sexy romp! I can’t wait for the sequel!"
-- Gwyn Cready, RITA Award winning author of Seducing Mr. Darcy, A Novel Seduction and Timeless Desire: An Outlander Love Story

The Whip Smart series is based on the real-life historical adventures of Eliza Gilbert, aka Lola Montez, The Sensation of Europe.

Astor + Blue Editions presents the third installment of the Whip Smart series, Lola Montez Starts a Revolution, (ISBN: 978-1-938231-87-2, ePUB: 978-1-938231-30-8; Historical Fiction, Romance; Pub date: September 2014) the continuation of Lola’s scandalous adventures through Europe!  Lola has perfected her Spanish dance, and uses her sexy moves to her full advantage.

Lola Montez’s life is one of espionage, scandal, and adventure. She’s an independent, real woman from the 19th century who seduces King Ludwig I of Bavaria – or, as Lola comes to know him, Luis. She is a curious free-spirit who is confident in her sexuality, a rarity in a time of patriarchy and social repression.  

In the midst of this brow-raising love affair, Lola finds herself the target of a witch hunt! Can she save herself and the man she loves from the political unrest in Europe? With a pistol in hand and a whip in the other, Lola proudly charges against the mob which wishes to tear her apart. Follow a dancer’s travels in this decadent adventure of scandal, romance, and danger.

She began her romp through history as an unsuccessful actress in Whip Smart 1: Lola Montez Conquers the Spaniards. She continued her travels through France in Lola Montez and the Poisoned Nom de Plume. Lola Montez Starts a Revolution is written in Kit Brennan’s signature zesty writing style, wonderfully blending history, humor, and romance.  And coming soon, book four—Lola Montez Seduces America—follows our flamboyant heroine to New York, Nicaragua and California.

Kit Brennan is a nationally produced, award-winning playwright, and teaches writing and storytelling at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.

The Victorian era and its personalities have always been of major interest to Brennan. Her play Tiger’s Heart explores the life of Dr. James Barry, who was actually a woman living a double life disguised as a man in order to practice medicine, which was not an option open to women at the time.

Kit divides her time between the vibrant city of Montreal and the quiet lake wilderness of Ontario alongside her husband, Andrew, and a variety of animal friends.  Whip Smart: Lola Montez Conquers the Spaniards is her debut novel.

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