Friday, April 17, 2015

How well do you know your friends?


Featuring Ultra-Revealing Questions, Card Game Will Have Friends Laughing Together for Hours, Sparking Insightful Conversations

You see your friends' social media posts all the time and the photos of them having fun, but how well do you truly know your friends? The engaging social card game WHOM helps you answer that. Created by award-winning industry creative Joey Caroni, a team of artists and a ton of late night play sessions, WHOM is a completely new take on card games that pits you against your friends in a game of secrets and big reveals. In WHOM, only the best friends will come out on top.

WHOM has a scheduled release for this summer.

"WHOM has been in process for a long time and was born from my desire to get to know my friends better," Joey Caroni said. "WHOM games are always very revealing and result in many funny 'aha' moments among friends. At the end of every game, players leave knowing their friends better, and usually being pretty shocked at the results."

In order to complete the product, WHOM launched a Kickstarter campaign today.

In a high tech world, where our interactions with friends are largely fleeting and more about what we had to eat, than who we really are, game nights among friends are seeing a huge resurgence. WHOM is designed to take a typical game night and not only make it incredibly fun but also really insightful. The perfect conversation starter and can be played with old and new friends alike. WHOM is launching a Kickstarter to meet the minimum quantities needed by their suppliers to ship the card game.

For a $25 pledge, Kickstarter backers can get the full game at launch this summer. Each set includes 50 full-color WHOM question cards (4.75 inch x 4.75 inch), a premium magnetic box, card stand and 50-sheet score pad.

WHOM also created some innovative additional rewards for larger pledges, which include the limited WHOM "Selfie Package" where a WHOM artist will draw you directly into a future piece of game art.

Key Features:
  • Beautifully Illustrated - Original artwork by eight noteworthy and talented artists.
  • Expansions - Booster decks of 50 additional cards featuring all new art and questions
  • Bonus Questions - Let you call out your friends in a popular vote to see which one best fits each description
  • Friend Score - The total number of questions guessed right for a player. Are you soulmate status or does your friendship need some work? WHOM shows!
  • Easy Fun - Hysterical, revealing and downright disturbing fun in four steps.

How to WHOM:
  1. Draw a card and read the question and all of the answers out loud.
  2. Choose an answer for yourself and your best guess for each player then write them on your scoresheet.
  3. Take turns revealing answers. Each correct answer earns a point!
  4. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

In the future, there are plans for a WHOM mobile game (already in development) and other multimedia products, but getting the physical card game to consumers is WHOM's priority now.


About WHOM
WHOM is an illustrated party card game with hilariously revealing questions that test how well you really know your friends and what they really think about you! WHOM was designed as a game you can play with your significant other, best friend, coworkers, the gang from high school, family or even someone you've just met. In an age when people share everything in social media, WHOM makes the universal human experience of getting to know someone a fun and rewarding challenge, with points! For more information, please visit

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