Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kids Play New Eco-Game “Koda Quest” and Help Stop Climate Change

Move over Smokey & make room for a new bear!  Koda of Koda Quest is a lovable white polar bear that stars in a new eco-themed game for kids.

Just in time for Earth Day (4/22), Koda Quest  is not just a game with a message. It’s a game with a mission – stop climate change.  When kids play the game, they are tasked to reduce their family’s carbon footprint at home – in the real world. 

More about Koda Quest:
  • Koda Quest is ideal for school-age children (ages 5-10) and leads them on 20 Real World Missions to reduce their carbon footprint and help Koda whose iceberg is melting from the Earth’s rising temperatures.
  • Children will have fun feeding Koda sushi and cleaning him with the scrub brush, but in order to keep Koda cool and advance to the next level, they will also have to take on Real World Missions, like recycling and saving water in their home.
Missions include activities for the whole family such as to use cloth napkins (save 300lbs/year), turn down thermostat (save 1,000lbs/year), power down games/toys (save 350lbs/year), drink tap water (save 1000lbs/year) and many more! And as kids take on harder missions, they’ll need to have their parents confirm that the missions were completed via email to advance to the next level.

Koda Quest is the brain child of Cool the Earth, a non-profit that brings climate change programs to more than 500 schools and 250,00 students nationwide.  Together with Fingerprint, they have created Koda Quest, a one-of-kind eco-game that rewards kids for taking real energy-saving actions at home, extending the popularity of an already successful in-school program.

“In the same way that Smokey the Bear taught kids in the generation before how to prevent forest fires, Koda, the polar bear, teaches kids to fight climate change by learning good energy habits at an early age,” says Carleen Cullen, founder of Cool the Earth.

Each child that plays Koda Quest could reduce their carbon footprint by more than 8,000 lbs per year. And, if 10,000 children play Koda Quest, they will reduce carbon emissions by 80 MILLION lbs per year! 

 Children are the greatest champions for change and have proven the best advocates for creating a greener, cleaner world.  Available now and just in time for Earth Day (April 22), Koda Quest is free to play at iTunes and GooglePlay

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