Thursday, April 9, 2015

No Bed Bugs Here - Tips For Safe Travel

More than one-third of Americans are concerned about bed bugs when they travel.  Bed bugs crawl and hitchhike everywhere – they love to disguise themselves in crevices of luggage, jacket pockets, and even diaper bags and handbags – but it’s easy for parents to protect their families while on-the-go with these easy steps:

·         Take Matters Into Your Own Hands: Ease anxiety and take control of bed bug outbreaks with new Stop Bugging Me! This naturally green, pesticide-free treatment is available in a convenient travel size that complies with all TSA regulations and is clinically proven to not only kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact but also prevent them – plus it’s safe and gentle enough for the entire family, including pets.

o        Spray onto any bed bug prone or infested areas – airplane, bus, train and taxi cab seats, hotel rooms, beds, headboards, furniture and carpets, rental car interiors, luggage, linens and clothing.  One application prevents bed bugs for up to two weeks.
·         Inspect Rental Cars, Hotel Rooms and Strollers: Check car seats, trunks, blankets, sheets and pillow cases for dark spots and eggs that look like rice. Inspect stroller wheels, pockets and crevices. It’s really best to inspect any furniture before sitting on it. Bed bugs like to hide in sleeping and sitting areas that have dark to low light.

·         Diaper Bags and Luggage Storage: Never place bags on the ground! Keep diaper bags in your lap or on the backs of chairs at the park or in restaurants and place suitcases on luggage racks. It may seem bothersome, but for extra protection, encase your luggage (suitcases, diaper bags, portable playpens and strollers) in a zippered plastic bag.

·         Wash, Clean, Relax: When you get home, immediately wash all clothing and removable stroller/crib/playpen fabric components in hot water and vacuum out all pieces of luggage. Remember to discard the used vacuum bag or dust canister contents in a sealed bag before cleaning anything else.

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