Monday, June 8, 2015

Donuts are delightful

Donuts are delicious, donuts are delectable... heck, donuts are delightful! 

You may think that to get the best donuts you need to visit your local bakery or donut shop, but I can guarantee you that you can make them at home all. by. yourself.  They take a little time, but most of that is waiting for the dough to rise - the rest of the process is actually quite simple. 

Those beauties in the picture... well, I made them myself in just a few hours and you can too!

Here's the recipe:

Alton Brown's Yeast Donut Recipe

and the glaze:

Donut Glaze
Chocolate Donut Glaze

Give it a try - fresh donuts are sooo tasty that you'll never go back to pre-made again!

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