Thursday, December 10, 2015

Healthy Tilapia Dishes Inspired by the Seasons Best Flavors

Looking for a last minute holiday recipe to serve party guests? Or an easy, family dinner that is perfect for the winter? Regal Springs tilapia has some delicious recipes that are easy-to-make and bring out the seasons best flavors while providing everyone at the table with a healthy, nutrient-rich meal to help energize everyone during the craziness of the holidays.


4 lake raised tilapia fillets                  
12 fingerling potatoes
1 lemon                                                               
1 lime
2 turnips                                                                 
1 orange
8 peeled small carrots                                 
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil                                          
1 sweet onion                                                       
1 teaspoon honey
3 parsnips                                                                           
2 cups washed baby spinach                                                      
Sea salt and fresh pepper
To make the vegetables:
·         Peel the turnips, carrots, onion, and parsnips. Cut all peeled vegetable to roughly the same size as a halved fingerling potato. Half all the potatoes. Place all vegetable on an oiled sheet pan and season with salt, pepper, and EVOO. Roast in a 375-degree oven for 25 minutes or until vegetable are fork tender.
To make the dressing:
·         Juice the lemon and lime. Peel the orange and segment, then add the juice form the pulp to the lemon and lime juice.  In a metal mixing bowl add the honey, salt, pepper, and 1 tablespoon citrus juice. Whisk together with a metal wire whisk then slowly drizzle 4 table spoons of EVOO.  Make sure you fully emulsify the dressing.
To cook the fish:
·         Brush lake raised tilapia fillets with EVOO, salt and pepper on each side. In a 375-degree oven roast the fish on an oiled sheet pan for 20 minutes. 
To the plate:
·         On 4 plates place ¼ of the roasted vegetables in the center of the plate. Then place the roasted tilapia over the vegetables.  Toss the spinach and orange in the dressing using tongs. Place a small amount of the salad beside the fish and vegetable. Keep in mind while cooking that the vegetable will take longer to cook than the fish.  The fish will be best if timed to make sure it is the last thing to come out of the oven.

4 lake raised tilapia fillets                           
3 roma tomatoes
8oz. faro dry                                                         
1 red bell pepper
3 teaspoons fresh thyme                                       
3 cloves garlic
1oz. dried chanterelle mushrooms                        
3 table spoons extra virgin olive oil                                          
32oz. seafood stock                                     
1 cup dry red wine
3 tablespoons pine nuts                                                               
Sea salt and fresh pepper
To make the faro:
·         Put seafood stock into medium sized sauce pan. Add the dried mushrooms and and steep on low heat for 45 minutes.  You want to basically make a seafood/mushrooms stock. Remove mushrooms and strain stock and dry mushrooms with a paper towel. Set the mushrooms aside while you cook the faro. Return the stock to the sauce pan and add faro.  Bring faro to a boil, then reduce the heat, cover and allow to cook for 25 more minutes. While to faro cooks sauté the mushrooms in one table spoon EVOO, salt and pepper. Once faro is cooked add the mushrooms and 1 teaspoon thyme.
To cook the sauce:
·         In a 375-degree oven roast the tomatoes, garlic, and bell pepper on a sheet pan for 25 minutes.  Drizzle all with EVOO and salt and pepper before cooking. While the vegetables are in the oven place the wine in a sauce pan and reduce by 50% over med-high heat. Remove vegetable from the oven, allow to cool enough to handle, then peel the tomatoes and garlic, seed the pepper and place in food processor or blender. Add reduced wine, pine nuts, 2 tablespoons thyme, salt and pepper. Pulse in blender until sauce is smooth.
To cook the fish:
·         Brush lake raised tilapia fillets with EVOO, salt and pepper on each side. Grill over med-high grill. Cook each side for approximately 3 minutes or until you reach your desired doneness.
To the plate:
·         On 4 plates place ¼ of the faro in the center of the plate. Then place the grilled tilapia over the faro.  Spoon a little sauce on the plate and a little on the fish. Please keep in mind, the sauce and faro can be held warm while the fish cooks. So make sure the fish is the last part of the meal you cook.

4 lake raised tilapia fillets
2 table spoons butter
2 teaspoons fresh thyme
6 table spoons extra virgin olive oil
2 small red beets
2 small golden beets
4 cups baby arugula
1 cup fresh basil
1 table spoon high quality balsamic vinegar
1 table spoon whole grain mustard
Sea salt and fresh pepper
To make the salad:
·         Wrap beets individually in aluminum foil, drizzled with EVOO and salt and pepper. Roast in 375-degree oven for 20 minutes allow to cool and slice. In a metal mixing bowl large enough to hold the entire salad. Put whole grain mustard and vinegar in bowl first with salt and pepper to taste and 1 table spoon fresh thyme.  Slowly whisk 4 table spoons EVOO into bowl, making sure that the dressing is fully emulsified. Once the fish is cooked you will add the arugula and basil, then mix with tongs to cover thoroughly.  Then you will add the beets.  The goal is to cover the greens with dressing then add the beets.  The sweetness of the beets will contrast well with the spiciness of the arugula. Remember that the dressing will wilt the greens, so add it at the last moment.
To cook the fish:
·         You will need a large Sauté pan or possible two sauté pans. Over medium high heat melt the butter and add the fish.  Once the fish starts cooking add the remaining thyme. During the cooking process you will want to continually spoon the butter over the top of the fish.  This will give the fish a nice golden brown crust.  The fish will take approximately 6 minutes to cook with 4 of those minutes done on the first side.  After 4 minutes you will turn the fish and allow to cook the remaining 2 minutes, or until you reach your desired doneness. When done remove from heat and leave in the pan.
To Plate:
·         Mix salad then divide into 4 portions. Place salad in the middle of the plate, then lay the fish partially on the salad and partially on the plate.

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