Monday, February 15, 2016

Decadent Next Day Recipes for Leftover Valentine's Chocolates

Whether you received a ton from that special someone or can’t resist the post holiday candy sales, the dilemma remains: what to do with all the leftover chocolate from Valentine’s Day. To keep this edible gold from going to waste, here are four ideas to keep the good feelings going long after February 14th.

Some decadent ideas include:

·         Double Chocolate Bread Pudding— Bread pudding is a perfect dessert for any time of year. This sweet rendition uses challah, resulting in an outrageously decadent treat.

·         Chocolate Layer Mousse Cake with Cognac Recipe A dark chocolate sponge cake brushed with a little coffee and cognac makes this four-layer confection to die for. To seal the deal, milk-chocolate mousse hugs the layers together, while a white-chocolate mousse and chocolate curls gently envelope the whole cake.

·         Homemade Chocolate-Peanut Butter Crunch CupsWarning! These peanut butter cups aren't light or low-fat, just super delicious and decadent and worth every calorie. They're the definition of real, honest-to-goodness decadence.

·         Chocolate-Chocolate Cookies— An ode to the classic fudgy brownie, this cookie has a healthy salt content that gives it a delightful depth of flavor. Freeze a few of these and sandwich around ice cream for a cool, creamy delight. 

You can find seven more dreamy ideas at TheDailyMeal.


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Linda Manns Linneman said...

These sound so good. Great ideas. Thank you for sharing