Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Easter treats to make with your children

Just in time for Easter, YouTube’s Kin Community offers some fun (and some healthy) holiday treats to that you can make with your children and will be the highlight of any family gathering. Go to the link for detailed recipes.  

·         Easter basket salad cups – are edible Easter baskets that can be used as a creative side salad filled with healthy Spring veggies, slathered with a scrumptious vinaigrette and they even have cute little handles!

Wild Rabbit - Delight your Easter guests with this creation featuring a “rabbit” off for a wild ride on its favorite treat. This cute creation may even motivate your kids to eat carrots! 

·         Homemade Marshmallow bunnies  - No treat says "Easter" quite like those little sugar coated marshmallow bunnies. This homemade version is much healthier than the store bought kind...and what an adorable, fun project!

In addition to Kin Community, YouTube offers a variety of mom and parenting channels like Cafe Mom Studios, the Moms View, and Brooke Burke’s ModernMom channel. Please be sure to tune in.

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