Friday, December 14, 2018

Give the Gift of Beautiful Nails this Christmas

Need a last minute stocking stuffer.... or a gift for a hard-to-please teenage girl?  Color Street Nail Polish Strips!
Look no further - the answer is

I received a review set of these polish strips to try from an Instagram friend and have to say, I was slightly skeptical that they would be as effective as real bottle polish.

Here's what I found...

Color Street Nail Polish Strips are real nail polish (not vinyl like some brands) - they include a base coat, color coats and top coat all in one strip.

Polish strips were super easy to use!  All I did was clean my nails with the nail prep pad (2 are included in the package), choose the correct size for each nail andremove the top and bottom liner layers from the strip.  Once you have just the polish strip (sans top / bottom protective packaging layers), simply line it up at the cuticle and smooth onto your nail.  I did a fair bit of smoothing to assure that they adhered well - then just grab your file and file the extra off at the tip.  Voila' beautifully polished nails!

My nails are fairly short so I found that I could actually get two nails out of each strip - if your nails are longer, you may need a whole strip.  This means that I can get FOUR whole manicures with a package of strips with a few extra left over in case I need to touch-up or I can use them as accent nails with another polish (super stylish right now!).

Usually, when I use bottled polish, my nails chip within a day or so and then I'm constantly touching them up (which ends up with thick layers of polish at the end of a week - which, coincidentally, chip even easier) - the Color Street polish strips lasted an entire week without a second thought!  The week they lasted was no normal week either - it was Thanksgiving week, which meant LOTS of housework, LOTS of cooking, LOTS of washing hands and dishes.  Did you get that?? AN ENTIRE WEEK without having to fix polish chips, or worry that I'd have to re-do my manicure when I was busy getting ready for the holiday.

Pop over to Lorianne's store and check out all the fabulous colors, glitters and decorative polish strips she has to offer.  If you hurry, you just may have them before Christmas!!

Here's how to find her:


Tell her Pink sent you!!

Disclaimer:  I received a package of these nails in exchange for a review - I wan not paid anything additional for the review - just the privelege of trying something new in exchange for my opinion.

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